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Home Buyers Warranty Benefits Builders & Buyers

Home Buyers Warranty provides your home with insurance backed limited warranty protection from frame to foundation, interior systems to exterior finish. When a builder displays the HBW symbol, you can buy with confidence.

The Home Buyers Warranty is your limited assurance that certain aspects of your investment are protected. Depending on the type of coverage your builder selects; the warranty may provide one-year coverage for workman ship and materials, two-year coverage for portions of the plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems and/or ten years of protection against qualified structural defects.

All coverage is subject to exclusions set forth in the warranty documents. Your Builder will provide you with verification regarding the optional warranty programs.

Our warranty is VA, FmHA and FHA accepted.


Established by Experts

Home Buyers Warranty was founded by professionals who know the business from the ground up. Each member of our management team has a combination of construction and warranty experience. We know how important a responsible warranty program is to the industry.


Solid Coverage

Home Buyers Warranty programs cover all types of residential units including single family, townhomes and condominiums.

The warranty provides ten years of insured protection against qualified catastrophic structural failures. In the event of a structural claim, a $250 claim investigation fee is your responsibility. The warranty becomes effective at the time the home is first occupied or first title transfer and remains in effect even if your home is sold or your builder is no longer in business.

This warranty can also include one-year coverage for defects in workmanship and materials and two-year coverage for portions of plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems. Under this portion of the warranty, a $250 deductible is required from you should an insurance claim develop.


Backed By Insurance

You have the assurance and peace of mind of knowing the Home Buyers Warranty is fully backed by insurers. Your Builder Provides This Warranty. The total cost of Home Buyers Warranty coverage is based on a percentage of the unit's sale price and is paid for by the Builder.


What It Takes To Qualify

Home Buyers Warranty has established certain standards of qualification for those builders accepted into the program. Builders are further required to submit a complete application package and are reviewed annually for financial stability. Our high standards benefit you, the homebuyer.


A Good Relationship

Our Warranty agreement specifies a provision for impartial arbitration through approved arbitration services should a disagreement arise. Good relationships among all parties involved are our priority.

Homebuyers have certain responsibilities, which are detailed clearly in our warranty booklet. Our representatives are available to clarify the responsibilities and to answer any questions you may have.

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